Radish kit : Grow your own microgreens.

Radish kit : Grow your own microgreens.



YIELD (approx) : 40g

Germination (days) : 2/3 

Growing (days) : 4/5 


Spicy radish is the quickest growing micro we offer, it grows approximately 40g! in just 6-7 days and the flavour packs a punch. 

The easiest and most cost effective way to grow your own microgreens at home. Just follow the easy steps included in the box and in this description below.


The kit includes the seeds, moisture retentive matting used by the horticultural industry and a bio degradable A4 envelope that acts as a water proof layer to enable you to grow inside the box and traps in humidity for the germination stage. 



Step 1 : Prepare the box. 

Cut the clear A4 envelope down one side and the bottom then place fully open inside the box. Ensure that half the envelope is leaning up against the lid. 


Step 2 : Matting.

Wet the wool matting untill damp. Place on the envelope inside the box.


Step 3 : Seeding. 

Spread the seed evenly over the matting. Close the envelope over the matting and seed, this creates a high humidity micro climate for germination. Close the box. 


Step 4 : Germinate.

Place in warm (average 20 degrees Centigrade) dark cupboard until most of the seeds have sprouted, normally 2 - 3 days. Gently water daily to moisten the matting. 


Step 5 : Grow.

Open the box and place in a sunny, warm position. A window sill works well, the sunnier the better. An average temperature of 20 degrees centigrade is needed to grow. Too hot and they will wilt and die, too cold and they will grow very slowly. Continue to gently water daily to moisten the matting.


Step 6 : Harvest. 

Harvest when 1 - 2 inches tall and have open leaves. Enjoy in salads sandwiches or as a garnish.