step  by step.

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  Thank you for buying the Urban Eden Farm Grow Your Own microgreen kit that looks like this. This picture is coriander but the steps are the same for each kit except the peas that need to be soaked for 24hours before spreading.


   Follow these easy steps with photos to grow the cheapest microgreens at home.


   Just add water! 



After removing the packet of seeds cut along the bottom edge of the large biodegradble envelope.



Then up the shorter side. 

STEP 2. Soak the matting.
coriander step 3.jpeg


Open the cut envelope inside the box and place the wet matting on top.

Spread the seed out evenly across the wet matting. 

The matting can hold alot of water.


If water pools or runs out of the matting then its fully saturated. 


When closing the box make sure the plastic lid folds over the seed and wet matting.


This will create a high humidity environment for the seed to start germination.

Leave in a dark and warm place with a consistent temperature.


After a few days the first growth will break through the shell.

Open the box and place on a nice sunny windowsill. 

Water once a day.

Harvest when they are a few inches tall.


Enjoy your microgreens!